Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Current Basic Week

It was fun to read Gordo’s basic week examples this week. He started me on a basic week several years ago, and I’ve used that concept since then to prepare for races and different periods of just keeping fit. The structure, especially when not pressured for a specific event, is a nice way to maintain a decent baseline of fitness.

My goal event this year is a trip down to Perth with Kate Bevilauqa to race her home race, IM WA and watch her regain the crown she first took in 2010. Of course, I have a little side bet with Guy Crawford as well on the spread of our finish times. Should be a great trip and I’m excited to see Kate’s hometown and beautiful Western Australia.

I thought some might find it interesting to see a Basic Week in context to real life performances. So here it goes. I have attempted to keep the workouts in context (x * pace) so one could “plug and play” their paces. For example, all the swims are on 1:25-130 yd base time, which corresponds to my IM base time.

am 3k swim IM base, 30 min run*
pm 90 min bike IM watts

am 2.5 hr bike@
noon: +/- swim
pm 30 min run*

am 3k swim IM base, 30 min ez run
pm 1 hr bike IM watts

am 1hr run in foothill trails, steady effort
pm 1:30 run on the flats* on Boise river greenbelt

am 3k swim IM base, 30 min run*
pm 1 hr bike ez

am 4.5 k swim IM base, 4-5 hr bike%, 30 min run# 

Unstructured run/bike with Erin or nothing

*30 sec/mile faster than my PR IM run split

 #1 mile ez, 1 mile on track very solid effort sub 6 min pace, ez recovery 15 min

@warm up, 4-6 20 min sessions with 4 min hard hill effort followed by 16 min recovery, cool down

% 4-5 sets of 45 min IM PR +5 watts power with 15 min ez.

IM Discipline PR’s 
Swim: 1:27/100 yds pace Louisville 2011
Bike: 2.9 watts/kg Kona 2011
Run: 7:42 min/mi Canada 2007

 Good Luck with your basic week. Dr. J

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