Friday, April 25, 2008

Endurance Corner Camp Update #1

The INFINIT Poker Pacing Camper Award:

Pacing and nutrition are a big part of my long course triathlon success. They are invariably intertwined and most of my thoughts on the both subjects can be found on the links above.

Conceptually negative splitting your workouts is quite simple. But is rare that age group athletes demonstrate the discipline to increase the effort resulting in a managed rise in HR. A really successful session is one in which that HR/effort increase is perfectly coupled with an rise in velocity as well.

This week I decided to bring along some sponsor schwag to highlight the camper that best represents this trait. Ryan Novak (pic above) really humbled me on our 95 mile ride to Madera Canyon. He nicely paced the 45 miles out to the 3 mile climb (max % ~16), then motored on the return. He drove the lead train home with a monster pull the entire last 25k home. VERY IMPRESSIVE end to hot & windy long day.
Here are my camp totals so far this week. G-man has led Justin through a big swim week and they will hit nearly 35,000 over the 8 days.

Swim: w/u 1000
1/1/1/1 (100 desc from 2:05 to 1;50) =400
2/2/2/2 = 800
3//3/3/3 = 1200
2 x 250 (100 IM/150 free)
Total = 3,900

Swim: 500 w/u
10 x 150 (25 br/25 bk/100 free)
Total = 2000
Bike: 95 miles Madera Canyon

Dinner Discussion: Working guy success…if you want to be a 1%, then you have to do what 99% aren’t willing to do.

Infinit Poker Pacing K.O.D. = Ryan Novak

Swim: 800 w/u
400, then 4 x 100 = 800
300, then 3 x 100 = 600
200, then 2 x 100 = 400
100, then 1 x 100 = 200
100 cool down
Total 2,900
Ride: Mt. Lemmon 55 miles
Run: 30 minutes

Dinner Discussion: Poker Pacing Concepts

Swim: 3600
400 w/u
2 x 400
4 x 200
8 x 100

Bike: West Tucson Loop 46 miles
Run: 50 minutes (Star Pass Trail)

Swim: 5500
Bike: 55 miles Oro Valley
Run: 50 minutes

Swim: 4k
Run: 1:20 Saguaro Park East (Cactus Forest Trail)

Dinner Discussion: Pacing Strategy for Ironman Newbies, Mental Strategies

Swim: 3500
Bike: Old Tuscon Loop 26 miles

Dinner Discussion: Robbie Ventura
I'm continually humbled by the campers. Each and every camper has demonstrated a great attitude while piling on some challenging sessions. Nearly every day we see some camper exceed a personal best in volume in some session or total. The mental lift from surrounding yourself with the coaching staff and athletes has been tremendous.

Tomorrow we have a big day with a ride to Kitt Peak...more then.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Endurance Corner Camp-March

Been a bit of time since my last post. We had a super camp last month in Tucson, AZ. I've included a summary to give everyone an idea what our camps are like.

The pic above is with Gordo and two of buddies from Winston-Salem that were able to attend Nick Nothoff and Jeff Ickes. It was fun to get my two training crews together for a camp.

This was a great camp and certainly one for the books!

• Bike 2:20 Gates Pass Loop
• Swim 1000 w/u, then 24 x 100, desc

• Run 6:00 50 min with Jonas/BDC/Nick/Dan/
• Bike Madera Canyon 95 miles 4:40

• Swim 4000
• Bike Mt. Lemmon from Udall Park to ski valley top
• Run: 30 minutes on track at Udall

Dinner Discusssion: Concept of 30 runs/30 days and increasing durability

• Swim 4000
• Bike: 1:30
• Run Saguaro East 1:15

Dinner Discussion: Bike Fit, consequences of different Fit methods
• Run 53 min
• bike Oro Valley 54 miles
• Swim 5500


• Run 1:20
• Bike bike Old Tucson Loop 90 minutes

• Swim 2 k
• Bike plane boneyard 90 minutes

• Ride to Kitt Peak 5 hours (climb 1:15)
• Swim 2k with Brandon and josh
• Ran 5k from pool

Memorabilia give away…JFT hat to Mark, t-shirt to Josh, EC bike jersey to Nina

8 day ApproximateTotals:
Swim = 6h30m
Bike = 22h48 min
Run = 5h43min
Total = 35h1m

Nick, by the way, ripped a half today and placed 3rd at the KineticMan. Congrats, Nick.

Updates on the way from Camp 2 over the next couple of days.