Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Man Camp 2011

So details for next years camp are forming. We are doing the Quizno's Challenge Colorado Bike Race course the week preceeding the scheduled race, with a little swim & run added in.

We devised our plan for subsequent years camps...each original "MAN" can invite 1 additional guest next year. He is responsible for the guest in all ways...if doesn't hack it, neither are invited the next year. After the camp, the original cast extends invites back. Next years attendees will include Camp Founders Justin Daerr & Gordo Byrn, original campers Mark Pietrofossa, Scott Carr, myself, with unanimous invites Marilyn & Chris McDonald. Actually Chris wasn't unanimous, but his wife was. We felt pity for Big Sexy and invited him anyway. We decided with her many years of racing on the NRC circuit and chasing Big Sexy around, she probably grew a set of tackle to be included.

The invites should are forthcoming...this is certainly not for the faint of heart. I've had a few enquiries already during last years camp and subsequently...be careful what you ask for!!!! More details to come.


P.S. The pic above is enjoying a cool one after the final days ride...Idaho Springs up Mt. Evans and and then on to Boulder. There was a sprint for the final city limit sign into Boulder...suffice to say Gordo has given me plenty of motivation for next years camp. You will have to ask him for the story...